Meet Jazz… The Rosie Show

Meet Jazz… The Rosie Show

On an upcoming encore presentation (TBA), OWN viewers will meet a little girl whose courage will blow you away. Born a boy, Jazz says she always knew she was meant to be a girl. Get to know Jazz and her mom, Jeanette, and learn more about their inspiring journey of acceptance and what it really means to live your truth.


  1. Rachel says:

    Hey, im a boy im 15 and i want to be a girl but i dont know what to do about it, with hourmones, telling parents and all that PLEAASE help me 🙁 i feel so trapped

  2. Ed says:

    I have been following the story of Jazz for several years now (Since the 20/20 Show Aired). Jazz is a heroine, and her courage is inspiring. Her parents are amazing for their insight, openmindedness, and courage. She has, possibly unknowingly, inspired many people through her story, and the videos posted on YouTube and other sites.

    Best wishes for Jazz and her family! I truly hope that your life will be everything you want it to be!

  3. Juliana says:

    Hi Rachel. Honey, here is my advice to you:
    Tell your parents. That’s the mistake I didn’t make. Tell them you are transgender. Say to them you have a girl’s brain and you can’t be a man, that you have to be a woman. Don’t be afraid to tell them. Find makeup, put it on and see if you see something happen in the mirror. It might feel like magic. Above all, don’t be afraid to be yourself. You don’t want to be 26 like me and so unhappy. Find a way to see a therapist. TELL YOUR PARENTS. They need to know as soon as possible. Even if they don’t understand in the beginning, please tell them now. my email is if you need more help.

  4. Vanity G. says:

    I’ll give a few steps: Get all the information to help your parents deal
    2.Then tell your parents so they can put you on hormones
    3. Don’t be afraid of the truth.
    4. before all that talk to a counselor.<—do this first….

    Vanity G.

  5. Jazz says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I’m so sorry you are feeling trapped. I know exactly how you feel. Please be brave and tell your parents how you feel. I’m sure they will love you and want you to be happy like mine did.
    Good luck, love and laughter, : )

  6. Jeanette says:

    Hi Juliana,

    Thanks for giving Rachel such wonderful advice. I hope she contacts you.
    {{{BIG HUGS}}},
    Jazz’s Mom

  7. Jeanette says:

    Hi Vanity,
    Thanks for listing such great points.

    {{{BIG HUGS}}},
    Jazz’s Mom

  8. Jeanette says:

    Thanks for writing Ed!

    We appreciate all your beautiful praise. We share our story to inspire and help others. Our next step is to give back and help other children who aren’t as fortunate as Jazz. Please spread the word of our foundation. Every dollar received goes directly to improving the lives of transkids.

    {{{BIG HUGS}}},
    Jazz and Jeanette

  9. Vanity G. says:


    You must be the coolest mom ever. Hi Jazz I hope your having fun and getting straight A’s in school.

    HUGS Always
    Vanity Gonzales

  10. Theresa says:

    I told my gnradmotehr how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  11. Alberto says:

    i am a 16 yr ftm and i jus love Jazz shes such a young beautiful girl 😮 ;D

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi Jazz and Jeanette.. I can’t believe your already 11 yrs old now. I’m Sure its been a long road to walk. I’ve followed you since you were on 20/20, youtube, etc. You have always been a beautiful young lady. There’s nothing more happier In life then being who you are. I’ve been down that road my self. I wish you and your family the very best that life has to give….. HUGS… 🙂

  13. Valerie says:

    Hi Jazz! I live in El Salvador and have a 4 year old brother. Since he was very little, he’s always wanted to be a girl. This is so hard for may brother because in El Salvador, people just don’t get how difficult and frustrating it might be for those people who are transgender, specially little kids such as my brother. Here, being transgender is simply something people look at in disgust and hatred. That is really sad.

    I know although it will be hard to do something to help him here in the country, someday I might be able to do something to help him be himself. I will never lose hope. In the meantime, your example inspires me and my brother . Jazz Thank you for having the courage! Hugs from my bro and me!

  14. danny says:

    Dear Jazz and family,

    Your story saved my family from a lifetime of heartache. My brother and his wife read your story after months of listening to my nephew state he was a girl. I showed them your courageous story and now my beautiful nephew is a super happy neice. I pray you and your family continue to fight for a better, kinder world for transgender kids. Because your bravery opened a door my neice Tanya is walking through. Thank you!

  15. Sunny says:

    Jeanette and Greg, you are probably the epitome of what real parents should be. You have paved the way for Jazz to be the wonderful and courageous little girl she is . Without your love her life may well have been very different.
    I can say this with good authority as I am a man who was identified female at birth, and all I had from my parents was mockery, insults and threats of eternal damnation.
    Of the few things they did right they provided monetary support for my education, thereby giving me the outlet to escape them, and thereby the freedom to live as I was born to live.

    Jazz, I am 29 and you are 11, but I draw inspiration from the truth with which you live your life. Despite having the most wonderful parents anyone could ever have, not to mention your awesome siblings, who are so loving and supportive, you might still find life to be tough at times. However, (you probably already know this) being transgender has it own blessings, although not immediately obvious. You will see the world in a light that very few do, giving you more understanding and compassion as person. When times are hard remember this and remember all that you and your family have done to help others in similar circumstances.

    With very best wishes and sincere admiration,
    Regards, Sunny