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  1. Robin Denis says:

    Jazz is a smart, beautiful, and fearless young woman and I wish her all the best as she begins her female puberty, which is more often than not a difficult time for girls going through their transformation to womanhood. The reason why I am writing is in response to Jazz’s mom’s statement that they are looking costs of up to $18,000 per year for male hormone blockers. It is unnecessary to pay out such an exorbitant amount. There is a company on on the internet called In-House Pharmacy that is equipped to handle the medical needs of their transgender customers. They sell male hormone blockers which are very effective. They sell Oestrogel, a cream which comes in tubes. Applying a small amount to the breasts daily results in very noticeable breast growth within the first month. Used together with Estrofem pills, which they also sell, results in the male body becoming much more female. Body fat gets redistributed resulting not only in breast development but wider hips as well. I strongly encourage you to check out In House Pharmacy’s website.

  2. Jeannine Hohmann says:

    I also don’t understand why it going to cost 18,000 for hormone blockers. In Michigan, my friend, her prescriptions for hormones are covered by her medical insurance, which she gets through her job. Maybe some states are different?

    1. Jeanette says:

      That’s the key INSURANCE. Your friend is very lucky to have a company who will cover GID. Many will not because they consider being transgender a choice. Very sad. : (

  3. Erika Gonzalez says:

    Im only 11 when I stumbled across jazzs video I was amazed to see what she goes through I see that jazz is an amazing person I wish one day I can meet her . She is my role model :) I hope that those blockers will help her see her future :) stay happy

  4. Anonomous says:

    I am very touched Jazz. Like you I’m 11 yrs old. You keep fighting for what is right! 😀
    Keep on talking…everyone shall and should get the same rights as anyone does. Fight for what you believe. And believe in what you dream…if you do that…:D

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