Essie: born as a boy.

She was born a boy, but since age 6, she has lived full time as a happy little girl.

Essie’s Mom, Danielle writes:
God has given us a precious gift, an amazing child with an amazing spirit. Essie has blessed and enriched the lives of our family and has taught so many of us what it is to be special. She truly is extraordinary. She has opened our eyes and our hearts and has taught us how to love and accept unconditionally. She loves to draw, paint, and play the violin. But most of all, she loves to design and make clothing.

Essie was born a boy. Essie transitioned at the age of 6, but she has known since the age of 1 that she was a girl. From the time she could walk and talk, she gravitated to everything pink and feminine. She always told us (mom and dad, and everyone that would listen) that she was a girl, and it took us awhile to hear, but we always listened. Since her transition she is vibrant and thriving, emotionally and intellectually. Her journey is a life lesson that was worth learning. We will continue to encourage and support our gift.

We love you!

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First girl toy at Christmas: Essie 3 years of age

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Essie age 4: Dress up with cousin

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Mermaid Drawing: Essie age 4

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Mermaid Drawing: Essie age 5

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Fairy: Essie age 5

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Mermaid: Essie age 6

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Writing Sample: Essie age 6


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