[hr] My name is Danielle and I am mother to a 9 year old transgender daughter, Cloe. Or shall I say, my hero! Cloe’s journey began at a very young age, like most, when she was in fact born male, yet exhibited ONLY gender specific behaviors, mannerisms, preferences, etc., that of a female.

By the age of 7 she clearly needed to fully transition to that of her true self which was 100 percent allll girl, my Cloe. Cloe was having a very hard time socially, academically, and emotionally being male, all of which have subsided since fully transitioning. She has tons of friends, is a cheerleader, in chorus, does much better in school, and most

importantly is no longer having suicidal thoughts or expressing ANY signs of distress. She’s a normal healthy girl! And EVERYBODY knows!

Throughout this, not so easy, process it has been painful, gut wrenching, questioning myself etc., but through it all my daughters eyes have lit up, and she’s now whole. She has taught ME to stand up for what I believe in, even when MOST think you are wrong, she has taught me real acceptance, and opened MY eyes to a different definition of compassion. Compassion for all others who are different than what we all perceive as “normal” compassion for all children born with birth defects, no matter what it is, my Cloe has whole heartily turned me into a completely different person, I love who she is, and I love who I am too. A present, compassionate, attentive mother!

A Few Words from Cloe

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